Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe

easy cranberry sauce recipe

12 ounce bag cranberries
1 cup of water
1 cup of sugar
1/2 tsp. grated zest of orange or lemon (optional)

This is a very simple and easy cranberry sauce recipe. Begin by boiling the sugar and water together until the sugar dissolves. Add the cranberries and turn the heat down to low allowing the berries to simmer in the water. The berries will pop after about 10 minutes. Add your zest and stir. For a smoother sauce, use a mixer. Allow to cool before serving, or refrigerate and serve chilled for best results. Will stay tasting great up to a week in the refrigerator.

10 Facts About Thanksgiving You Should Know

1. The first official Thanksgiving was in the year 1621.

facts about thanksgiving
The pilgrims arrived in 1621 and they gathered at Plymouth for a harvest autumn celebration with the Wampanoag native Americans. This is often refered to as America’s first Thanksgiving. However, in 1863, the national day of Thanksgiving in America was declared. In Germany, a Christian festival similar to Thanksgiving, called Erntedankfest, is celebrated in early October.

2. The original type of bird eaten, is unknown.
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The first Thanksgiving of 1621 may not have included a Turkey. History tells us that William Bradford sent out four men on a “fowl” hunt. Turkeys were plentiful in the area, but so were ducks and geese. So, it could have been a dinner of another bird, or more than one type.

3. There wasn’t any cranberry sauce.

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Cooks began boiling cranberries and mixing them with sugar as a meat accompaniment in the late 1600s. Check out my super easy and quick homemade Cranberry sauce recipe HERE!

4. It’s not the Turkey that gets you full.

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Turkey meat is actually very light, especially the white meat. Studies suggest it is the foods you eat that are rich in carbs, such as the sides of loaded potatoes and trimmings, as well as anything with sugar in it that weighs you down and gives you the too full to move feeling. Try and eat only Turkey and veggies if you don’t want that weighed down feeling. But…who am I kidding?

5. Pick the pumpkin pie if you want less calories.
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Pumpkin pie is roughly 300 calories per slice. Apple pie is around 650 and contains more grams of fat. Another idea, skip the ice cream and choose whipped cream for a topping instead to save even more calories.

6. Thanksgiving is the biggest traveling holiday of the year in the USA.
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Black Friday has been the biggest traveling day in the USA for decades.

7. Presidents love Turkeys.

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Since 1947 the National Turkey Federation has given the president a live turkey as a gift. It has always found it’s way to the president’s dinner table, but when George H.W. Bush received his, he gave it a pardon. Since then, the presidents participate in pardoning a live Turkey every year.

8. Don’t cook stuffing inside the Turkey.

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Did you know if you are cooking the stuffing inside the Turkey, you could be causing your Turkey meat to become dry or allowing bacteria from the Turkey juices to grow inside the stuffing. Instead, fill your turkey with butters, onions, and herbs and cook the stuffing on the side.

9. Male Turkeys gobble the way male humans beg.

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The male Turkey gobbles when he wants to mate, or when staking out new territories to attract hens.

10. Thanksgiving inspired the first TV frozen dinner.

facts about thanksgiving

C.A. Swanson & Sons ended up with too many turkeys leftover, 260 to be exact. So they decided to freeze them with other sides in a foil tray and serve them on flights. The first TV Branded frozen dinner was 98 cents in 1954 and was a Thanksgiving diner of turkey, stuffing, peas, sweet potatoes, and cornbread. Desserts weren’t added to Tv dinners until 1960, 6 years later.

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