Top Ad Picks this Week


This week ALDI brings us some great deals on their German brand Deutsche Kuche! Did you know Aldi is a leading discount supermarket around the globe with over 9,000 stores in over 18 countries that originated in Germany? Therefore, I am calling this week the week for “Neue Dinge Ausprobieren!” or “Trying New Things!” :)

These National deals begin on Wednesday!
(Additional Local deals begin on Sundays!)

Braunschweiger 16 oz. $1.99
Jaffa Cakes $1.99
Pretzel Crackers $1.69
Sauerkraut 32 oz. $1.69
Red Cabbage with Apples $1.69
Fruits of the Forest Imported Streudel $2.49
Pound Cake Varieties $1.99
Fresh Cabbage $0.69 per head
Yellow Onions 3lbs. $0.89
5lb. Bag Red Potatoes $1.99
2 lb. Packages of Grapes $1.58

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