Review: Pinnacle Lunch Kit

Thermo Lunch Kit Review

  thermo lunch kit review

I absolutely love this thermo lunch kit. It is perfect for my needs. There are two containers, a drinking cup, a utensil set, and it all fits in a handy shoulder bag. There is even a little spare room to throw in a granola bar, medicine, etc.

thermo lunch kit review

The kit comes in three colors: blue, green or pink. I requested a pink one and I’m happy with the color. It is very bright.
The whole kit is very sturdy and durable, and I love that the inside of one of the containers is stainless steel to keep soups hot and salads cold for up to 5 or 6 hours….check it out.

aldi mom product reviews aldi mom product reviews

The kit works best when completely full so it doesn’t loose temperature rapidly if only partially full. If you only use the stainless steel container, there’s room to include an ice pack if you want your food cold or warm for longer than 5 hours. Don’t cover the lunch box if your food is at boiling temps. Make sure the temp is under 175 F before zipping the bag. Make sure you don’t microwave the stainless steel container…and I should also mention that the kit is not dishwasher safe, so it is best to wash by hand. I would have preferred the kit to be dishwasher safe, but really how hard is it to take care of your thermo lunch kit and hand wash it anyways.

I received my thermo lunch kit from Pinnacle for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Thanks so much for working with The Aldi Mom Pinnacle, we love your product.
Aldi Mom approved. 😀

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