Money and Mommy…

Money and Mommy

Money is important to survive on earth. At the same time, it is important because it helps you fulfill your wishes. However, as a mommy, you are trying to fulfill your children’s wishes too.
So, savings are important.  But the question I, how can a mommy save money? Well, there are numerous ways to do it. Listed below are some of them.

Money at Home
Don’t cash too much cash everywhere you go. It is possible that you are moving out of your house to spend some time with other mommy friends or shop for something. However, make sure that you are not carrying too much cash. With money in hand, you might spend on something unnecessary and then regret buying it on a later date. So, you can stay away from the stress and save money too, by leaving your money at home.

Kids’ Events
If your kids are bored at home and demand that you should take them to some event, start looking for free kids’ events. Let me tell you that there are many libraries that host free storytime or playtime for kids. So, instead of getting irritated and paying for entertainment, look for free kids’ events and save money.

Shop Online
Shopping online, you can save hundreds of dollars every year. With exclusive store deals, you should get exciting discounts on your purchases. For example, if you are shopping at, check out their flash deals section. Apart from store deals, you should look for coupons too. Coupons are good because it helps you stay on a budget and order luxury items at the same time. So, if your kid is irritating you for a guitar on his birthday and the same is not in your budget, look for coupons. Also, make sure that you look for coupons that can be clubbed with store deals so that you can get an additional discount on your purchases.
Coupons for are available online for free.

If you think this is a worthless point, let me tell you that you are missing something really good if you do not opt for it. These sale sessions can help you get good quality clothes, shoes, gears, toys, etc. at a reasonable price. After all, your kids have so many demands and fulfilling them all by purchasing new items is not possible.

So, the next time you hear about them, go for it!

Cloth Diapers?
Disposable diapers are easy. However, you are paying an additional amount for these disposable diapers. Strangely, when we buy them, we do not calculate our diaper expenses, but the fact is that we are spending a fortune on these diapers. So, instead of choosing the easy path, get used to cloth diapers and hundreds and thousands of dollars by the time your kid is old enough to be potty trained.

Cook Food
Again, ordering food is an easy option, but you are paying an amount for the same. So, cook food at home and save money.  Yes, it is okay to order food occasionally, but don’t make it a habit. Once a week or bi-weekly is okay!

Sale! Sale! Sale!
I think that word was impactful.
If you start looking for discounted clothes, you will definitely find a number of stores that offer sale. Mark their sale period and be sure that you visit the store and enjoy during the sale period.

Professional Clicks
If it is your child’s first birthday, you surely want a professional photographer who can click some of the best pictures that can be framed. However, you may not be able to afford professional clicks every time and for every event. Instead, get a professional camera and click some pictures on your own. Yes, a professional camera won’t help you get the best pictures, but satisfactory clicks are assured, if you know the basics. Want to buy a professional camera? Buy it online at and get good deals on cameras. Look for coupons too!

Don’t hunt for Brands
Running behind brands, you might spend some extra dollars on every purchase. Instead, look for good quality items that can last long and suit your needs.
Brands are not important, quality is! So, look for good quality items and not aim for brands only.

Buy an Appropriate Toy
If you are planning to buy a kiddie guitar for your 6-month old, you should know that your purchase is inappropriate, and your child would not really understand the use of the same. At that age, your infant wants a soft toy. That should be good enough for him.  So, look for a toy that is appropriate for your child and only then purchase it.

Sell Unwanted Items
There are a number of unwanted toys and clothes in your house. Make sure that you remove it and donate it or, if it is unused, wrap and gift it to someone who can use it properly. Sell them and you will have an additional amount in your savings account.

Play Games
Instead of letting your kids waste time on video games, look for some games that can help your child improve. Board games are an option that will help you spend quality time with your kids and, at the same time, you will save money by not purchasing game CDs and game consoles.  Apart from this, engage them in physical activities that will help them stay active physically and mentally. With video games, your child may develop their mind, but there is no physical activity involved, which is not good for them.

Switch Off
Finally, this is one of the best ways to save money. Switch off and save money.
Did you know that even when your laptop is on standby, it consumes energy? So, the rule is simple – switch it off when not in use. This will help you save money.

Concluding, these frugal tips should help you save money and be happy about your savings.
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