July 4th Deals at Aldi

These deals at ALDI are INDEPENDENT!

 aldi ad july recipe
(Click here for this July 4th recipe.)

Here are my top Aldi Ad picks! I never put an item on my top picks if I have never tried it and personally approve of the quality and taste, this way all of my readers and smart shopping ALDI fans can trust what I recommend. Have you tried and love something from my top picks? Comment here or on our ALDI Facebook group!

Top Food Picks

0.99 Blueberries
1.19 lb. Strawberries

1.69 lb. Red Cherries
0.99 4-Pack Corn on the Cob
0.99 Cantaloupe
2.99 Italian Sausage
9.99 Ground Beef Patties
6.69 Bags of Frozen Chicken Breast
1.29 Tuscan Garden Dressings
2.99 16.9 oz. Olive Oil
1.40 Tuscan Garden Jar Peppers
1.79 4 oz. Feta Cheese Crumbles
(Check out my Feta Guacamole recipe!)
1.99 Little Salad Bar Salad Mixes
1.79 Millville Trail Mix Bars
1.29 Whole Wheat Buns


Non-Food Picks

4.99 Salad Dressing Mixer
(Great for making your own salads.)
3.99 Durable 6-Piece Storage Food Set
1.69 Crofton Salad Utencils
7.99 2-Pack Jumbo Pillows
2.49 Boulder Party Cups 50-Pack


Remember to love and teach our children how to be Independent this Independence day. Don’t forget those who have given their lives fighting for our Independence or our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for what he too sacrificed. Have a safe and lovely holiday ALDI fans.

july 4th recipes

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