How to Use Coupons

how to coupon guide

Here are resources where you can download and print legit coupons:

how to coupon guide
how to coupon guide

how to coupon guide

Even though couponing has been around for awhile now, many people are still trying to learn how to coupon. Learning how to coupon is pretty simply actually, and it doesn’t require much work as long as you follow some guidelines. Here I will begin by explaining how you can get the most out of your couponing.

How to Coupon Guide: Why Coupon?

Many people don’t realize the money they could actually be saving every month, possibly hundreds, off your grocery and household items bill. All you have to do is clip a few coupons and read the ads. It really ads up! My general rules of couponing are to save my coupons to use for the item if one of these is also true:

A. The Item is also on Sale.

B. There is a double or triple coupon event.

C. I can Stack the coupon with a store coupon. (Such as Target or Walgreens that I will explain further down.)

D. We actually, really, need the item for this week’s shopping trip and it can’t wait.

Just because you get a coupon for something, does not mean to run out and buy it! Try and follow my four rules above to learn how to coupon in a way that will benefit you the most.

how to coupon guide

Expiration Dates and Store Policies

The two major reasons your coupons do not get accepted. Yes, just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean the store you want to go to will accept. Every store has a “coupon policy” so you first need to go to that stores website and check for theirs, or you can call the store and ask “What is your coupon policy?” And they should tell you their rules and restrictions. For example, HERE is Target’s policy. Many stores accept all manufacturer coupons including Internet printed coupons, however others, such as Kmart, will not accept any form of Internet coupons.

Check the expiration date. Even I have messed up and tried to use an expired coupon before! Each month I quickly flip through all of my coupons and throw out the expired ones, or you can save them and send them to families that live on a military base, and they can use them in military grocery stores.

Stacking Your Coupons

Some stores release their own “store coupons”, that they allow you to “stack” with a manufacturer coupon. For example, Target,  one of my favorite places to use coupons, will stack one of their coupons, a manufacturer coupon, AND a third coupon from their smart phone application, Cartwheel. (Explained below under Apps) This way of coupon stacking allows you to save from a variety of coupon options on one particular item! Here are a list of stores that I know stack a manufacturer coupon with their own store coupon so you can maximize your coupon savings:

Rite Aid
Dolar General
Family Dollar
Safe Way
Whole Foods

How to Coupon Guide: Where to Get Coupons

The Sunday Newspaper and your Daily Newspaper for Redplum (RP), Proctor & Gamble (P&G), and SmartSource (SS) ads.

Online Resources: I have links to all of your online coupon resources at the top of this page.

Directly from the brand: by visiting your favorite products and brands websites and joining their mailing list!

The Weekly Ads: Sometimes stores release their store coupons in their ads, such as most drug stores.

All You Magazine: Subscribe Here and tell them sent you!

Must Have Couponing Apps

Checkout 51 – Cash back for milk, eggs, juice, and more!

Ibotta – Same concept as Checkout 51.

Cartwheel – Targets app. Which is well worth it. You can get items for up to 60% off. Things you buy every day. There is a vast list of items that are participating in cartwheel offers, so if you shop at Target I urge you to just test out this app. I personally went too long without using it when I first began to learn how to coupon.

What are some of YOUR TIPS to couponing for busy moms? If you would like to add your tips to this how to guide to couponing, please comment and help others learn new ways of living frugal! If you have a blog, don’t forget to share your link! Thanks readers!

coupon guide for moms