Halloween Deals at ALDI


My TOP PICKS on National Deals this week are sPoOkTaCuLaR mwahahaha
(hey no making fun of me):

Festive Deals
3.99 Brains and Monsters Cupcake Kit (Awesome!)
0.99 Halloween Confetti Cake Mix

1.29 Orange or Black Frosting
1.49 Halloween Tortilla Chips
3.99 Spooky Fruit Flavored Snacks 28 oz.
0.39 ea. Happy Caramel Apples
.25 ea. Apples
2.39 Large Pumpkins
1.49 Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer
2.99 128 oz. Apple Cider
1.69 Apple Pie Filling Can
0.79 Halloween Print Paper Towels


Other Great Picks
2.99 Pumpkin Carving Kit
(I used this last year, read my full experience/review HERE.)
0.29 lb. Bananas
0.84 lb. Grapes
0.27 8oz. Can Tomato Sauce
0.95 Box Saltine Crackers
2.39 Vegetable Oil
0.89 Marshmallow Creme
0.89 Cranberry Sauce
0.89 Pineapple Slices
1.49 Lasagna Noodles
2.49 Vanilla or Mocha Cappuccino Mix (I love these!)
1.19 75 ct. Box Tissues

ALDI is my favorite grocery store for saving big money on must have seasonal favorites!