Fish Keeping: Betta Fish Ph Levels + Review of PhDips

When my daughter’s 1 year old Betta, “Swimmee” died, I didn’t think my next step would lead a new hobby for me, but it did! What started a trip for a new Betta ended with a 5.5 gallon community tank, and from there we upgraded to a 10 gallon community tank, and got a Betta for the 5 gallon. And now the next plan is to get some nicely colored shrimp for the Betta community tank! But now, onto the review…

Betta Fish Ph Levels

In order to keep a healthy fish tank, you need to make sure that your ph in the water is up to the living condition standards as set by the fish breed. For example, Bettas prefer a ph of 6.8 to 7.2 with a water temperature of 75-82 Fahrenheit. The also like a 20% weekly water change. And remember, healthy bacteria grows in their filter…so don’t worry about getting a new one or cleaning it out unless for some serious reason and try to keep your Betta fish ph levels consistent.

I was lucky enough to receive a kit of Ph Dips Universal Ph Testing Strips $12.97 to try in my new tanks. They are very easy to use and are right on target with what the ph really is in the water. My Betta tank is right at exactly 7.0, which is actually the normal ph balance of tap water.

These trips are really easy to use, and you get a ton of them for your money. So if you aren’t quite ready to go out and get a $100.00 testing kit, these strips are really ideal for your use!

ph strips review