Top Picks at Aldi This Week

Here are my top Aldi Ad picks! I never put an item on my top picks if I have never tried it and personally approve of the quality and taste, this way all of my readers and smart shopping ALDI fans can trust what I recommend. Have you tried and love something from my top picks? Comment here or on our ALDI Facebook group!

top ad picks

Top Food Picks at ALDI

$1.89 Yogurt Covered Raisins
0.79 lb. Red Grapes
0.99 6-oz. Blackberries
0.25 ea. Peaches & Nectarines
0.19 ea. Plums
0.29 lb. Bananas
0.89 4-Pack Pudding Cups
2.99 Organic Frozen Berry Varieties
2.49 Gluten-Free Soft Baked Cookies
1.69 Bagels 6-Pack
0.99 English Muffins
1.99 Little Salad Bar Hummus
1.59 Frozen Garlic or Five-Cheese Toast


Top Non-Food Picks at ALDI

$16.99 Weekend Styler Bags
(They hold laptops and make good carry-ons!)
2.99 Large Sunflower Plant
6.99 Large Dry Erase or Cork Boards
(Every family needs oneĀ or two or three.)
1.89 3-Pack Paper Towels
1.19 Willow Facial Tissues