Aldi Reviews: Millville Cereal Bars Review

millville cereal bars review

These Millville cereal bars are definitely a family favorite of ours! WAY better than Nutri Grain bars. Why? These cereal bars are filled fuller of that sweet gooey fruit than most other cereal bars. The breading is also more moist and less dry. Many cereal bars we have had were dry and crumbling and needed more filling, but these are just amazing! Great for a quick breakfast on the go, or even a snack! They really seem to hit the spot too for when you are a little hungry, and have a bit of a sweet tooth. My Aldi (In St.Louis) has Millville Fruit and Grain Bars in Blueberry, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, and Apple. We like Apple the best so if you try them at first and you dont like them, try a different flavor. I have talked to readers who only eat the apple cinnamon Millville cereal bars. Thanks for reading my Aldi review. Please browse my site for more fun ALDI reviews.

Do you like Millville Cereal bars?
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