Aldi Review: Benton’s Maple Leaf Cream Cookies

Rating: Favorite!!
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Wowsers. I haven’t seen many other national brand cookies shaped like a leaf claiming to be maple leaf cream cookies, so I don’t know what to compare these cookies to. However, they are definetely a seasonal favorite for now on. I tried these over the weekend at a friend’s house and they were so good. The cookie is a decent sized cookie and the cream is significant. So, you can have just one or two and feel like you’ve had plenty. They tasted very fresh, and not cheap or stale. The cream had this maple flavor that was so amazing. We talked about how they could be called “pancake cookies” because they tasted like a mapley pancake in a cookie form. Very good, very tasty. The sweetness and the maple flavors of the cookie were not overpowering either but were just enough strength for the flavor. I would recommend trying these for yourself. If you like pancakes, I would guess most of you would really like these cookies. Yum!

Update: These can be found year round at Trader Joe’s. However, they may be priced slightly higher than at ALDI.
(Source: Fan reports.)