Aldi Product Review: Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns

How Do I Rate?

This Aldi product review is for Aldi buns and they receive a rating of better than the rest because they are better than the rest! I am sure you have been to big named grocery stores, such as Schnuck’s or Kroger and have seen their brand buns that are usually priced somewhere around $2.00 or a little less. I have, and I have purchased them only to come home and find them mold in a couple days or to use them right away and find them dry! I will tell you that Aldi buns are not dry or “cheap tasting” like the other stores cheaper brand buns are. These buns usually cost around 0.79 to 1.00 and it is definitely worth it! 8 buns for a dollar or less…that is a big help when you are feeding a crowd with Aldi buns! Enjoy these buns! 😉