Aldi Fit & Active Review

aldi fit and active review

Fit and Active Brand Review
Is Fit and Active brand healthy? This must be what most people are wondering about this great line of products. Healthy, good quality, and very affordable is what I say. Keep reading and try for yourself. ALDI helps busy Moms like me stay healthy and fit with their affordable produce and healthy brands like Simply Nature, Live G Free, and Fit and Active!

These products show important nutritional values on the front label, such as the calorie and fat content. In my own personal experience, I have lost over 70 pounds and one thing that helped was cheap diet and health foods. ALDI has made cheap diet foods affordable to us with their Fit and Active line.

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The Fit and Active products come in a variety, such as the yogurts that come in various flavors, and the 100 calorie snacks that also come in various flavors. If you have never been to an ALDI and would like to try some of these cheap diet foods, just visit your store and walk through. The Fit & Active products are located where other products of the sort are. For example, you will find the Fit & Active cheeses are located where the other types of cheese would be found.

In our Facebook group Aldi Moms and Dads, I asked our readers to discuss their favorite Fit and Active Brand Products with me. The most popular responses are as follows:

Fit & Active Soups
Fit & Active Shredded and String Cheese
Fit & Active Yogurts
Fit & Active Zesty Tomato Crisps
Fit & Active Drink Mix
Fit & Active Brown Rice
There are many great Fit & Active Brand products, these are just the favorite ones that some of our readers especially enjoy…and I couldn’t agree more. My personal favorite Fit & Active products are:

Fit and Active Plain or Vanilla Yogurt in the Big Tubs
(I mix fresh strawberries or blueberries with it.)

Fit & Active Fruit Punch Drink Mix
(It’s like Crystal Light, only tastes better in my opinion and my whole family loves it!)

Fit & Active String Cheese
(Such a great item on the cheap diet foods list. Very low cal.)

Fit & Active Flatbread
(I use this in place of bread for sandwiches and even breakfast wraps!)

Fit & Active Brand Chocolate Fudge Bars
(Very large ice cream bars, with very low calories! I believe around 110!)

I also tried the turkey bacon, mango flavored water, popsicles, chicken broth, and the lean ground turkey and I approve of all of these products.

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Also, check out their Simply Nature and Live G Free Gluten free brand foods!

So yes, the fit and active brand by ALDI is healthy, it is affordable, and as for this fit and active brand review it is done! 😉