ALDI 21 Day Fix Menu FAQ

Hey frugal fixers! I just recently started working with Kim Danger from Beach Ready Now! We are featuring healthy, clean-eating menus, that follow the 21 Day Fix program, for you on her blog. For information on joining that program, please read this post: What Is the 21 Day Fix Plan? There is more information about it there. However, right now we welcome folks from all walks of weight loss programs. Since we started releasing ALDI shopping list healthy weekly 21 day fix approved menus, we have been getting some feedback from all of you. Please keep the feedback coming, we really appreciate all of the comments, private messages, and shares.

21 day fix faq

Here are your most Frequently Asked Questions about the ALDI 21 day fix menus:

Q: What can we mix with our Shakeology?
A: If you are going by the menu and you want to use Skim Milk for your Shakeology, you can do it but you need to remove a yellow container from your food plan for that day. The same goes for if you mix a fruit or vegetable into your shake. Light Almond Milk, as Kim has explained to us before, does not count as anything it is a free food.

Q: Do I have to drink Shakeology?
A: Shakeology blows every other protein shake completely out of the water. It is so full of ingredients that are just beyond anything else. If you want to feel as good as you possibly can every single day and have energy, not get as sick as easy, etc. then I highly recommend Shakeology. However, if you can’t afford it, you can temporarily have one of ALDI’s Fit & Active protein shakes in it’s place. Check out my coach’s post here about why Shakeology is so awesome: Why Shakeology? Are you interested in purchasing Shakeology? CLICK HERE!

Q: What do you mean by “fresh” salad?
A: That just means it’s not a salad made with yogurt or avocado, mayo, pasta, etc. It’s a salad made up of lettuce, or kale, or spinach. The 21 day fix plan allows for Kale, Collard Greens, Spinach, Cabbage, Romaine Lettuce, or Sprouts. You can choose any of these options for your fresh salads. For example: A “Kale Chicken Fresh Salad” on the menu means a bed of your salad of choice, with your chicken of choice on top, along with your dressing of choice. Count your servings with your 21 day fix containers.

Q: What if I am on the largest calorie plan and your menu is for the lowest plan?
A: That’s easy. Simply double your serving sizes as needed. For example, our menus allow 2 yellow containers per day, but the largest calorie plan (which is actually what I am on myself) allows for 4 yellows. Just double your containers through the day. If you are having 1 yellow container of oatmeal that morning, have 2. etc.

Q: What are the snack times?
A: These are up to you. This is twice a day, or can even be once a day if you combine your snack and your shake at the same time. Some people need a snack around midday, while others are still hungry right after lunch. Others may not feel full after dinner and need a snack at that time. I recommend having your shake during the day when you require the most energy and focus.

Q: Where are your orange container items?
A: Your dressing for salads, potatoes, etc. will count for your orange container. Or, you can purchase some peanuts and have a handful a day to count for your orange if you don’t use dressing. However, most people use dressing on their salads so I am leaving this open to you. For 21 Day Fix approved dressing recipes, you can consult your 21 Day Fix Eating Plan guide book. Kim has a great post here on what dressings are out there that are 21 day fix approved: 21 Day Fix Approved Salad Dressings

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