21 Day Fix: Garlic Chicken Pasta Recipe

21 day fix chicken recipe

Ingredients: Chicken Breasts (4), Whole Wheat pasta of your choice (around 13 oz.), garlic powder, salt, pepper.
Optionally you can include broccoli and you would cook it with your chicken either in the crock pot or stove top.

Directions: Pan fry the chicken breasts in 2 tsp. olive oil on the stove.
Boil your noodles and combine them with the chicken. Don’t drain the chicken.
You want the olive oil to remain in the mixture so it will give your pasta a film.
Season to taste. Optionally you can sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top.

21 Day Fixers: One cup of this recipe is equal to 1 yellow and 1 red container. If you include broccoli, include atleast a green container full in your serving and count the container.