21 Day Fix Turkey Salsa Soup Recipe

Sometimes the healthiest recipes are really the easiest. For this recipe I like to make a large pot, enough to have leftovers for a couple people for a couple nights. Feel free to add or change it up at your will, but let us know what you did and what tasted good in the comments below! All of these ingredients can be purchased at ALDI for a great low price.

turkey salsa soup 21 day fix


Fit N Active 2 lbs. Lean Ground Turkey (at least 93%)
2 cups sliced baby carrots
2 cups sliced and peeled potatoes
1 16 oz. jar of Simply Nature salsa
1 16 oz. bag frozen green beans

Include other optional vegetables as you wish, such as celery or corn.
Parsley, Bay Leaf, and Thyme are optional seasonings you could include.
If you want a more tomato taste, you can include 1 small can of organic tomato paste.


Using extra-virgin olive oil to cover the bottom of a frying pan slightly, brown your turkey meat. Season as desired.
Combine all ingredients into a large pot. Using the 16 oz. salsa jar, fill it 4 times with water and pour back into the large pot.
Add sea salt and pepper at will.

Stir the pot occasionally on high. It takes a couple hours or so to be finished.
When a fork easily slides through all of the veggies, your soup is done!
It is really yummy too so get ready to feel like you are indulging when really you are eating clean and healthy!

2 cups = one large serving and that is equal to 2 green containers, 1 yellow, and 1 red container.
The salsa included in 1 serving is only equal to less than half of a purple container.

Saving the yellow container for something else? Simply leave out the potatoes.